Nighttime Maintenance

Nighttime Maintenance

Introducing Nighttime Service!

For the first time ever, Genesis North Orlando will be offering a new Nighttime Service schedule. Our commitment to providing the best experience for our customers inspired us to drastically increase our service capabilities.

Beginning on Wednesday, December 14th, Customers will have the ability to drop off their vehicles and sleep peacefully knowing we are working tirelessly to diagnose and/or repairing your vehicle.

Benefits to Nighttime Service

  • Less time spent waiting
  • More convenient drop-off/pick-up times
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increase capacity for Valets for Genesis Complimentary Maintenance customers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I drop off my car?

A. Anytime! It might surprise you that you’ve always been able to drop off your car 24/7, via night drop box. The difference now is that we’ll have a team of technicians working around the clock to complete the work on your car and other cars much faster!

2. When will someone contact me?

A. You will be contacted by a service advisor when your car is officially checked in. While you may drop your car off at night, it may not be checked in until our service advisor team arrives first thing in the morning.

3. When can I pick up my car?

A. You may pick up your car as soon as its finished in service! Our goal is to diagnose all drop offs within a 24 hour period of the car being checked in. If your car needs any “special order parts”, that would delay your vehicle’s completion.

4. What does night service mean?

A. It means that we have a team of technicians and parts associates working around the clock to diagnose, repair, and maintain vehicles

5. Can I call you at night?

A. Our customer facing associates will have extended hours until 6pm each night. After 6pm, any calls will be directed to a voice message system to be followed up with in the morning.

6. Will someone call me at night?

A. We will have customer contact agents available until 6pm. However, if you specifically agree to be contacted until a certain time, we may call or text you to review diagnosis and repair at your discretion.

7. If I drop off, can I have a loaner?

A. Loaners are on a first-come, first-served basis. While we would love to offer everyone a loaner, with current vehicle constraints, there are only so many to go around. See advisor for availability at check in or during check in call.

8. What is a check in call?

A. A check in call will be performed by a service advisor in the event you drop off or had your car towed in the night before. The goal of the check in call is to confirm receipt of the vehicle and valid vehicle concerns and scope of work.

9. How does night shift benefit me?

A. It allows us to complete the work on your car much faster! Our capacity is greatly increasing by working around the clock, the increased time will allow us to get you back on the road in your car, quicker!

Reservation/Check-in must be completed by 6:00PM on the day of reservation. Any reservation/check-in after 6:00PM will receive follow up communication next day. 24 Hour nightly vehicle drop-off still available.